Carissa Maryer

October 3, 2016

  1. Everyone don’t like…he emphatically kill 3 millions.He is71, threatening to gang with Russian and Chinese.
  3. Police killed 1209 people and 1800 unexplained circumstances, like exterminator Nanjing China and left unexplained.https:

Positive needs 10*EFFORT TO OVERCOME *😭 so work hard.

Learn from the chinese apples and bananas .

Don’t give up. Haven’t found it yet keep looking. Don’t settle.


1938 Nanjing China massive eruption of scary coolies and boatmen.

1939 my granny and mother LSE came to SG followers of coolies and boatmen’s lifestyles and settled in Singapore River. Central Chinatown.Named after grandpa EuTong Sen Street.

After parents married with 12 childrens. Bringing out the BEST In everyone. Not an easy task for a Mother age 17. Clearly written,well organised and practical, I predict this will positively become my standard enneagram coaching ,nlp books for years to come.

1 2 bOOks of date of birth.

The  Book’s STRUCTURE 

Personality’s types and c vat. Systems 

How to create growth plan that is tailored made for each worker in SG.

Answer:-) a proven psychology logical technical systems to achieve self- awareness and a technical approached to personality skills, work,relation, control, 

8 steps 🙂

  1. Assessments 
  2. Pair the right learners and right skills
  3. Definitely own role
  4. Methods that suit you
  5. Identify goals
  6. Determine level of self- mastery 
  7. Challenge Growth 
  8. Accelerate and sustainable transformation.

    One thought on “DREAMCARD &GIFT SHIFT.( DT.)P.P R.D.comparing to A.Hitler  .Hi killed so many a deadly war crimes.

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