2. AZALEA PARK CONDOMINIUM interior design,simple decoration 
  3. Simple layouts to get Windy opened windows concepts.. everyone love 12 feet high ceilings. 3 Hugh bedrooms.1335 sq ft area with open balconies.
  5. STI hit by Trump’s surprise triumph
  6. $1.85 billion =}1.08% to 2789.88-30 points lost. Everyone’s expectations and thoughts. Many made wrong move.
  7. 23/30 sti constituents,only 3 unchanged.4 rosed up.

Trump Soho overturned market expectations, his hope wow out his learning curves for 70 old is ?

Out of trends,he couldn’t sit to listen types. He might created his parents unable to sail throughout 4 years headwinds.l like his Atlantic casinos playing games and then….evaluating and sustainability of Mike Pence ‘s brick and mortar businesses with Trump ‘s triumph globally with his name to sign contracts .

Dow jumped to 18888 Bounced Trump factor.


333 grandpa’s 

Judge by 3secs.wrist watch to bottom shoes. Suites  3 pieces.

Outer designer baby pools in front. More grass than concrete design paths.

Azalea park condominium,14FLORA ROAD D17.

Bali feeling Balinese massage therapist styles to relax at swimming pools site.

Cheaper to rest here than hotel.

7 MINUTES FROM CHANGI AIRPORT’S RESIDENCE.Changi hospitality areas. Changi beaches lagoon to Pualu Tekong islands..

Changi Businesses parks.

Expo exhibition halls.

Simei Mrt and East Point’s shopping mails,. Beaches to Changi .

LOCATIONS:- 5 MINS TO TAMPINES MRT AND DOWNTOWN LINES.T Tampines shopping malls.Capitalmalls, Century Squares,Cpf buildings,Uob, Ocbc, Ntuc, Tampines Sports hubs…

White Sand shopping centres PasirRis Mrt..10 mins beaches to Changi,Pongol,

Interior decoration, simple renovation,allow buyers or tenants to feel free with wide space ,high ceilings 12 feet 3 feets higher. See details


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