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An Investor’s Update On The Riskiness Of Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp Limited Stock | The Motley Fool Singapore

Raising alarm.usd $20trillion updated 2017 debt, reported to Ah Trump.

Ah Gone did not reported any debt when He is gone but the CPI showed up 24 months negative and new msg given by his son this year’s 2017 is GDP is 1%>

UnEmployment to be maintained lowest and encouraging more into food , education, training, sports association’s annual reports released positive.

Scmp reports:-
China USD $1trillion convertible to RBM Trump’s question on one China policy or one child policy…any difference?

No more Pokemon Go USD.. Istanbul twins :.simply break the victim’s head.’s_Bank_of_China.Bank demonization according to government meeting or mas China Dreams etc businesses affected by RMB devaluation.

US overboard borrowed QE currency exchange with tax payers? Who are they?

Gold vs SPY 11_11_16

Ah Trump inherits eco collapsed (AMTV)

Derivatives speculatives bets 552.9 trillion Megamarketsfund Financial weapons of massive destruction tsunamis waves coming to us.

TOO BIG TO BE REAL, A HALF BAKED IDEAS FOR POSTS TELL ” this story of how I patched up a mummy hole in my heart in pastry, doughnut, breaddough and cake with icings like Windows dressings and tax loss harvesting in FSM ? My interpretation? Even colour T shirts


As an appointed counterparty OCBC security acted as a middle man to execute and settle SGX stocks and stockbroker ETF trades for FMSone

3 months turned off connection to SGX.

But it happened in just 1 hr before market opened Yesterday.So critical care of my main concern ocbc or 29 others

Using ARIMA Expectations 1.44,1.45 1.46usd . BOC sold me 1.4287 and Mr.Long wanted 1.49 and said going 1.50(2020) prices.

From 2.2 to 1.49(when my interpretation is mistakes by asking Me.Long ‘s opened mouth MONEYLANDERING 1.49. I told him I stop loss wall.internet 1.45(1.4487)

He told me his son’s education forum and I told him ,he got USD)

So they had mental intellectual pursuits solely on money.

And the church pastors by resolution

Greed is mentioned among others.

Changi Bethany Church need $1 millions Donations:- observation the nonempathy pastors from SAF training .

Pray with authority.

Phone: 6542 9050

Address: 694 Upper Changi Rd E, Singapore 486824


Link to stocks , government deficit , all funds raised to examined by tax.

additional wage (aw) ceiling – CPF

Last Updated On: June 2016. ADDITIONAL WAGE (AW) CEILING. The AW Ceiling sets the maximum amount of AW that CPF contributions are payable. An employee’s AW Ceiling is computed on a per employer per year basis.

Central Provident Fund (CPF) Contributions – IRAS–CPF–Contributions/

Central Provident Fund (CPF) Contributions. CPF contributions made by the employer to the employee’s CPF account are generally taxable when these are voluntary contributions. Compulsory CPF contributions on the other hand are generally not taxable.

Definition of deficit spending: government spending, in excess of revenue, of funds raised by borrowing rather than from taxation. (no

Broken umbrella policy like dream travel expenses and incomes paid heavily to them to cover when raining.

Nice umbrella like yellow HK demonstration scmp show:-

Occupy Central | South China Morning Post

Occupy Central was a civil disobedience movement that began in Hong Kong on September 28, 2014.….



1982 exchange rate 1.289$gd USD 1

Chinese families with children studying abroad worry about impact of new curbs on yuan outflows

Now mkt rate. 1.4356 .
DBS HK staff data leakage.



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